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Pride Month

Pride Month is the perfect time to celebrate the LGBT community and their achievements throughout history. From marches to parades and festivals. Pride Month is an annual event that occurs in June. It was first celebrated on June 29, 1970 and was originally called Gay Pride Day.

The first celebrations were held in New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago to commemorate the Stonewall Riots of 1969. Since then, Pride Month has been celebrated every year across the world to honour LGBTQ+ individuals and their contributions toward society.

Pride Month is important because it reminds us that we should be proud of who we are no matter what gender orientation or identity you have (or don't have). In a society where people are often judged based on their appearance, it’s easy to feel like you need to fit into a certain mould before feeling accepted by others—but this isn’t true! We all have value simply because we exist—and Pride Month celebrates this fact along with many other inspiring moments throughout history where LGBTQ+ individuals stood up against oppression and fought for equal rights for all people regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

If you’re still looking for ways to get involved this Pride Month, we recommend volunteering at an LGBTQ+ organization that aligns with your interests. Whether it be by donating money or time, you will be helping those who need it most.

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