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Who are we and what is our experience?

We are a team of volunteers from all over the world with backgrounds in everything from technology, leadership, psychology, business, marketing and the third sector. Most importantly, however, we have all been affected by mental health and wellbeing challenges, and are passionate about making a real difference to how people manage their wellbeing and mental health journeys.

What are we trying to achieve?

At YU we want to support people into grabbing onto a branch in this fast-flowing world and taking a moment to slow down. Making time to think about how you feel, who you interact with and what’s going on in the present moment can help you understand yourself better. Importantly, it can also be the stepping stone to making changes for a more fulfilled life. We’re doing this through the creation of an innovative app which can track your emotions and provide intelligent insights on patterns in your life that otherwise go un-noticed.

What makes YU unique?

We know there are other mental health apps out there, but YU is different – no two users are the same, and so the insights, prompts and data provided by the app are unique to each individual, based entirely on the information input by the user. The trends highlighted by the app can make you more self-aware, and knowledge is key - it can empower you to make positive changes towards a more fulfilled life.

In future versions of the app, we hope to include other unique features, including correlating user input with external data (such as weather, news events etc), creating a powerful tool for identifying wider patterns in emotions; and monitoring of physical health (such as heart rate, sleep, hormone levels etc) to create a holistic view of your whole wellbeing.

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