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Being Outdoors isn't just for Summer

Looking out of the window right now, the weather isn’t exactly appealing. It’s grey, wet, windy and cold – in other words, typical January weather that makes you want to hunker down, wrap up warm and shut it all out until spring arrives. Cosying up with the fire when it’s wet and windy outside is a truly lovely thing and is one of the only things that makes the stormy winter bearable. It’s definitely not the time to be getting outside. Right?


Actually, a winter walk could be just what you need to give you a mood boost.


A lovely cold, crisp day where you can see your breath on the air and the frosty ground crunches beneath your feet is a real tonic to being in a stuffy house – the cold air refreshes and revitalises you, and the peaceful beauty is soothing for the soul. If you catch a dry sunny day, the skies in winter can be so beautiful, rivalling the hazy blue sky of summertime with their clarity and crispness. And of course, if you venture out on a clear night, the stars visible at this time of year will take your breath away.


Even those days where the wind threatens to blow you off your feet, or the rain lashes against your face can be a great time to get outdoors. As long as you dress up in the right clothing to protect you from the worst of the elements, being out for a walk in the wild weather can make you feel invigorated and alive, awakening your senses to the sights and sounds of nature. It’s awe-inspiring to be amongst the trees when the wind is whipping through the leaves, or walking on the beach when the waves are heaving – being immersed in the tempestuousness of nature allows you to truly connect with the nourishing force of the natural world.  


(*Of course, we don’t advocate going out in severe weather where weather warnings have been issued – in these instances, heed caution and stay indoors!)


Being outdoors in winter can also give you the opportunity to spot the signs of spring coming. It’s easy to think that everything is dormant and there’s nothing to see but there’s plenty going on if you look closely enough. If you head outside now, you’ll see snowdrops in bloom, leaf buds starting to form on trees, and the first daffodil shoots poking through the soil. You’ll also be able to hear lots of bird activity as they forage for food – and with the leaves gone from the trees, they can be easier to spot.


The key is to just get out there no matter what the weather, take time to be aware of your senses and what’s around you, and enjoy the uplifting and inspiring experience of being surrounded by nature.


Because really, as the saying goes, there is no such thing as bad weather – just the wrong clothes.

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