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Scott Martin Foundation Partnership

Who are they and what they do The Scott Martin Foundation are a newly founded charity in the Falkirk area. They were founded in memory and following the sudden loss of Scott Peter Martin age 16 to suicide.

Their main aims are to raise awareness of youth suicide and mental health and to offer support and care to sufferers as soon as possible by bridging the gap within the current child and adolescent mental health system. They aim to educate and enable sufferers and their families to understand and manage what they are experiencing. They offer private therapy, counselling and training courses as well as focus on positive mental well being through sporting activities.

They also offer bereavement support should a family find themselves walking the same long road as the founders acknowledge themselves walking now. They aim to put support in place within a few days so that some level of support is given whilst a child is on the NHS waiting list. Here's the full video about the Scott Martin Foundation from the founder Samantha:

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