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Dealing with Covid Isolation

The Covid isolation period used to be up to 10 days. For a lot of us, that can be an extremely long time away from our loved ones and without any interaction. It is especially hard for people when they live alone to be isolating because they have a lot of challenges to face.

Being alone isn't great in the first place but when you are forced to because of a virus it can lead to some bad things. There isn't a lot of support in place for people when they are isolating, especially people with mental health issues that struggle with being alone. I think there should be more support put in place to help people with their shopping and wellbeing while isolating.

There's only so much gaming you can do. There has always been a negative connation with gaming where as I look at it as a healthy thing from a different perspective. There can be only so much of day that you can be ‘productive’ and do work etc but what about the rest of the time? I think it’s a good idea to interact with your friends in a different way than just zoom, maybe through a game you all can play for a long time or something that everyone likes.

There is only so much stuff you can do when isolating before you find yourself in your thoughts and feelings. There is some support online to help people such as; online therapy, support lines and online grants for people who are struggling with money because they can't work.

I think one of the most important things to remember is that everyone will deal with the isolation period differently and not to judge anybody who deals with it differently. The isolation period has been decreased to five days with two lateral flow tests now, that can make it much easier to deal with. No matter how you deal with it, it's important you can get out the other side.

I'm going to link some of the supporting links for people that are isolating below:

British Red Cross Covid Support Line-

Covid Grant-

Online therapy-

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