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Earth Day 2022

It is extremely important to care of the planet we live on. We all have been negligent once or twice on a few things that we could have easily made more of an effort to be more eco friendly.

Earth day is a day to be conscious of the impact we have on the planet that we live on and to be more conscious in all of our actions. Earth day originally started in 1970 has been a day to bring awareness ever since. There are various issues with the planet such as; pollution and deforestation. These all cause concern for the overall health of the planet and for the people who live on it. US! This day is extremely important because it brings awareness to some horrific things happening to the earth right now and it also gives us the chance to make small steps to help the planet by doing our part.

Some of the small steps we can do to help the environment could be do some recycling or even limit waste. We are all guilty of being lazy and not wanting to recycle but it can really help the environment even if its just you doing it. You could also plant a tree if you wanted to! With the amount of wood we use it would be beneficial for you to plant a tree that could grow huge one day!

If you're interested in Earth day or want to learn more please click here.

Or if you're interested in conservation click here.

Have a good Earth day from the YU team. 🌎

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